Tangent Wave Booster is a open source software created to give a lot of new features to Tangent controller panels on Davinci Resolve. It works with any Tangent controller panel that has connection with Tangent Hub Mapper, even Tangent Elements VS (the app for Android Tablets) can be used. The original map file is for Tangent Wave 1/2, but you can re-map to any other Tangent controller panel and even other controllers and MIDI devices if they have a mapper software. On download section you will find a text file with all the shortcuts used and their functions so you can re-map your controller panel on your own way.

Download Files

To make everything work, you need download our software and some other files. Click on each link below.

How to install

Watch the video below to learn step-by-step how to install and start using the Tagent Wave Booster. You can find a .txt file with Tangent Wave Booster with the step-by-step instructions too.

How to setup elements positions

Watch the video below to learn how you can change the position of each element on the screen if you use another screen resolution than 3840x2160 or if you use a different workspace organization on Davinci Resolve than the default UI on full screen mode.

How to re-map

Watch the video below to learn how you can re-map your controller panel on Tangent Hub Mapper. If you use other controller/MIDI device with another software, the proccess is kind of the same.

Complete Features

Watch the video below to see all the possibilities and learn how to use all the features of Tangent Wave Booster.


If you want join us and help to improve the software or even create another versions of it to use with other controllers and MIDI devices, feel free to visit our GitHub clicking on the button below.

Media Environment
Email: contato@metv.com.br